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The ORIGIN chino is fit for all occasions. It may look like a regular pair of chinos but it is crafted with a unique Linen + Cotton stretch fabric. It is also extremely lightweight, comfortable and highly breathable which acts like your second skin yet its packed with functional details. Its engineered for you to wear it whenever and wherever. Cycle to work in them, attend important meetings or go for a night out.

Find out more design details below.

A unique Linen + Cotton stretch twill fabric is used on our all-weather chino. Our chino takes full advantage of the Linen and Cotton’s highly breathable nature to keep you comfortable. The Spandex mix means decent manouverability is maintained even with a fitted cutting. Feel free to enjoy your active lifestyle. Water resistant function is also added to the ORIGIN chinos to keep you shielded from the weather.
Aside from functional and sustainable perspective, Linen fiber also gives our chino its distinct appearance with its naturally-coarse yarn running in the warp (vertical) direction. The construction of the fabric creates a subtle shine that add to its visual character.


Treated with a special finishing using C6 chemistry without VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), this unique fabric used on our Origin has a light water resistance function. This adds protection against the weather while preserving the breathability of Linen to keep you comfortable in all conditions.

This wider curved opening of the front pocket allows a more natural access. They are also deep enough so items inside won’t fall out easily.

Neatly placed inside the right pocket, this coin / key pocket is convenient and secure. Small items can be kept in this pocket to ensure easy retrieval.


We know it might be difficult to stay in a fitted chino after a satisfying meal. Since our chino is designed with comfort as a priority we came up with a solution for that awkward moment. The zipper is in its 'locked' position when pointing downwards. When you need to squeeze a little more room around the waist, release the waist hook and make sure the zipper is pointing downwards. Now you have some extra room without needing to worry about the zip flying open.

Left rear pocket utilizes a zip mechanism for your treasured belongings. Zip up your pocket to make sure whatever kept inside stays there …even after you’ve washed them.

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Cyclical ORIGIN Chino Measurement Guide

Cyclical ORIGIN Chino Measurement Table

** Measurements subject to difference within 0.5"

Content: 52% Linen 46% Cotton 2% Spandex
5 Pockets including
- 1 Zipped rear pocket
- 1 Buttoned rear pocket 
- 2 Front pocket with curved opening
- 1 Front coin/key pocket
Highly breathable
Water resistant
Extremely light weight
Hook fastening mechanism
Zipper (With locking function)
Straight tapered fit