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About Cyclical

At Cyclical we value style, yet at the same time we value comfort, through stretch fabric, sustainability through natural fiber and function through innovation. The emphasis on style in this increasingly fast-paced lifestyle has overshadowed the emphasis on comfort and quality. We want to create garments that not only look sharp and professional, but feel even better; something you put on and forget about for the day. We want to create professional wear that encourages you to be active and creative. We want to create something that gives you confidence through the convenience it provides.



Through Cyclical, we want to solve daily problems and to raise the awareness of the benefits of using natural material in fashion. The goal is to create clothes that are the ‘easy way out’ in the morning; clothes that are appropriate in almost any situation. You slip into our products and you’ll feel comfortable, you’ll feel confident, you’ll feel you look good for work yet you won’t hesitate to chase after a bus, run up a few flight of stairs and just stay active. Using natural fabric, specific placements, and modern technology we created something that is one-of-a-kind. It may not look hugely different, but we didn’t want it to. We want our products work however, whenever, and wherever you want it to.

 This may not sound too challenging if we allow ourselves to use synthetic fibers. This brings us to our second objective; to raise consumer awareness on the material used on their clothes. Counter to the common belief, polyester has already surpassed cotton as the most common fiber used in fashion. As polyester is essentially plastic, it is, in nature, harmful to the environment. Most, if not all, consumers of the younger generation will not be able to describe the difference between Cotton and Linen. In men’s fashion, Cotton is widely known and used for its obvious benefits. Linen’s benefits, however, are much less known due to a lack of consumer knowledge/awareness and its seasonal nature. One of the goals I want to achieve through cyclical is to raise the consumer awareness of the benefits of natural fibers.




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