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The Magic of Linen

What is Linen

It is the oldest fabric used for clothing in history yet it is far from being the most common. Linen is a novelty item when compared to synthetic fibers and even cotton simply because they are more expensive to produce. Linen fabric are made from flax plants (the purple flowers are blooming flax plant), their stem is used to spin yarn and woven into fabric. There is a purpose for the whole plant; the finer yarns are used for clothing where the coarser yarns are used for to make bags and the seeds are one of the healthiest food.


Why Linen

It is light weight, it has a natural antimicrobial property and its the most breathable natural material available. However, there is a down-side to anything, and for linen it has got to be its tendency to crease with the slightest effort. We love this fabric so much we want to incorporate them in all our styles where appropriate. This is why we are not just using Linen fabric, but we dwell on the compositions, placements and other possibilities on how we can make the most of this magical fabric.

Cyclical's Linen


Featured above is a Cyclical-only fabric that is unique to us. To reduce the level of crease on our ORIGIN chinos, we used a cotton+spandex yarn on the weft direction. The cotton reduces the level of crease while the spandex improves the level of comfort with its elasticity. Adding the final touches with a coating of Ultra EverShield® to keep you dry while maintaining the natural breathability of the fabric.


On our EVERGREEN shirt, we strategically placed the pure Linen fabric at the back of the shirt where ventilation is most crucial and Cotton+Spandex fabric is used in other places to maintain a sleek appearance. There is a high level of elasticity to encourage maximum motion by its wearer. We want you to feel free and let your true self shine through in our products.

Cyclical Chinos enjoy yourself moodshot

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