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Get the most out of your ORIGIN chinos.

How does a pair Chinos fit in your wardrobe?

The chinos obtained its name as it was first produced for military use, but it has now become an essential piece to a fashionable man's wardrobe and its not difficult to see why.

Chinos are as versatile as it comes. Everyone is on about multitasking and a pair of Chino can do just that. It is casual enough to go well with a T-shirt but at the same time its formal enough to go well with a blazer and tie. With a tapered fit, not only do you look amazing in them, you'll be amazed by its comfort while looking dapper.

Check out our ORIGIN chinos where we revolutionize on this fundamental concept.

Lets talk about outfits based on the styles below.

Dressing it up

chino - Formal Outfit - Ref 1

Everyone wants to look good but not everyone knows how to feel exceptional while looking exceptional. Swapping your dress pants for a dark colored chino makes a world of a difference on the comfort level. Dress pants normally has no give at all, chinos however allows a degree of stretch because of its weave. Match your favorite tie+shirt+blazer combo on a dark pair of chinos and you'll look as dressed up as ever.

What to keep in mind when dressing a up pair of Chinos:

a. Tapered fit

b. No breaks (the leg opening stays right on top of the shoes)

c. Dark colors (hence they usually call it black tie)

d. Shirt with Blazer and/or tie
- make sure your blazer is tapered fit with the sleeves short enough to expose the cuff of your shirt. The length of the blazer that we'd go for is where the bottom part just about covers the 3/4 of the side pocket on your Chino. 

Dressing it down

Want to dress a chino down a bit? Unbutton the top 2 buttons of your shirt, roll up your sleeves, heck even roll up your chinos. You'll look dapper without looking too formal or casual.

And here are the keys:

a. Tapered fit Chinos

b. A more casual shirt 
- A Linen shirt would definitely give it a casual look or go with funky patterns and brighter colors

c. Try looking for sharper colors. You may hesitate at first, but trust us you'll fall in love with it.

d. Try getting yourself accessorized. Sun Glasses, Bracelets, Necklaces, to add a cherry on top of the pie.


Dressing it down even more

The casual look. Its a bit difficult to differ between smart-casual and casual as fashion has really blended everything in. To make it a point, here are keys to an even more casual look:

a. Still the tapered fit rule

b. Simply match it with a T-shirt/Polo shirt
- Don't go crazy on patterns, start with plain ones.

c. some breaks is fine.


Bottom Line

So the golden rule on chinos is

a. Tapered fit!
b. Tapered fit!!
c. Tapered fit!!!

No one will know your body as well as your tailor. Have your tailor personalize your Chino to fit your like a glove.

If you really have to ask...what better way to start than with a pair of water resistant tapered Chinos - Origin from Cyclical 

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