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Taking Care of your Dress Shirt

We understand that you want to keep your favorite dress shirt crisp and sharp for the years to come. And so, check out the following steps and tips!

Cyclical Dress Shirt Packed

Throw it in your washer!  ...just make sure you iron it afterwards.

YES, this really works as long as you

  1. Pick the right wash cycle - delicate 
  2. Wash with like colors - whites!
  3. Wash with a low water temperature - 30℃

Hang Dry your shirts, please

We mentioned that you can tumble dry our Dress Shirt - Evergreen like other shirts, but we really  recommend you to hang dry them.

Why? Because Natural Fibers are quite vulnerable to dryers.

If you really have to use the dryer, go for 'Low Temperatures' and 'Short Time Lapse'.

Iron your shirt, seriously

Men who wants to look good learn how to iron their own shirt. Make sure you tackle the key areas such as the Collar, and the Cuffs.

And finally, the Collar

The collar is toughest to maintain since it's the one place where sweat gets stuck on them the easiest. We recommend you to spray some strong stain removers on the collar before tossing them into the washer. 

Or, you can buy some spot cleaners and just treat the collar with those sticks.

Taking Care of your dress shirt - feature image


Maintaining a white shirt requires a bit of work, but if handled properly, our dress shirt can be a great companion for a very long time.

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