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White shirts are always a symbol of professional with simplicity. Yet intrinsically it carries all the values that the maker wants the wearer to feel and understand while wearing them. This is so when we come to our very own signature dress shirt - EVERGREEN.
We value being simple, with style, and function. And it's all in this shirt. Incorporated with Shorten English Spread with Collar Stays, the top gives a crisp look to the wearer. Extra Shoulder Panels on both side provides a widen shoulder view. The waist is tailored to be slightly tighter, fits well yet doesn't squeeze you. Strong Gussets on the sides, making sure Evergreen is tucked in all day long while you hustle for success.
    Tailored Fit - EVERGREEN
At the back we constructed the panel with linen, you can now cool down after your every day rush easily and enjoy the comfortableness from linen fabrics. Other parts are built with stretch cotton with convenience infused.
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